If you are interested in helping us plan, execute or staff an event, we would love your help! Please check the school

"Charter Notes"

for our upcoming meetings, events and needs. You can always email us for more info directly at


As all parent volunteers we plan fundraising activities & provide help for the school when they request it for events.

You will see us in the school drop off/pick up lines throughout the year trying to fundraise money for the PVO.

  A Special T​hank You to This Years Sponsors!

What is the PVO?

Parent Volunteer Organization

The ECHS PVO is a Non-Profit Organization established to help the school, students and staff with needs that may be outside of their budget. 

The PVO has provided lunch tables to the high school, uniforms to sports teams, athletic trainer funding, chrome book charging stations, money for travel to a championship tournament, staff appreciation gifts, equipment replacement for sports teams, and money and volunteer support for school events.